PateNMT | Neuromuscular Therapy
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pate NMT

Personalized program for your specific needs

Neuromuscular Therapy

NMT is a form of deep therapeutic manual manipulation of soft tissue. Its objective is to help restore the structural, functional and postural integrity of the body by removing the restrictions and aiding in the normalization of functional movement patterns. NMT aids the economy and functional ability of the body further by reducing self-perpetuating stress factors such as contractions, spasm, and tensions in the soft tissue components of the system. Improving function, removing pain, reducing energy loss, and improving posture restore a person to health. It does not do anything to the body which is harmful to its overall state of health i.e. has no adverse side effects. NMT may be applied to all cases of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

Accunect Therapy®

Accunect is a new, revolutionary form of healthcare that activates the body’s ability to heal on all levels. Accunect™ works on the holistic view that mind, body, and spirit are connected allowing fast, profound and long lasting effects. It is a blend of many healing techniques including theories from Traditional Acupuncture, Quantum Physics, Tapping Techniques, Modern Biomedicine, and Neuroscience. Using the energetic frequency and power of universal consciousness, instant transformation is possible and we are able to connect to our true selves. Accunect™ is the Future of 21st Century Healthcare. Choose an option which suits your needs, and more importantly, your budget. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. -- “Accunect tm and associated design are trademarks owned by Future Medicine Today, Inc. and are being used in accordance with a limited trademark license.”

Young Living Essential Oils

From the sweet aroma of Lavender to the stimulating fragrance of Eucalyptus, our therapeutic-grade essential oils ignite your senses. Extensive testing and a commitment to sustainability means each bottle contains quality essential oils with remarkable properties that can’t be found elsewhere.

Trigger Point Reference Guide

Trigger Point Reference Guide

Find Your Trigger Point

Neuromuscular Therapy  Helps to Treat

  • Post-Op Therapy

  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

  • Whiplash

  • Frozen Shoulder

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Herniated Disc

  • Cervical Pain

  • Lumbar Pain

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  • Migraines

  • Headaches

  • Vertigo

About Me

We’re in the business of healing

Dana Pate, licensed massage therapist, has been practicing massage therapy in the Hampton Roads area since 1995.  Ms. Pate received her basic training in massage therapy at the Fuller School of Massage Therapy.  Through the Upledger Institute, an internationally recognized school, Ms. Pate completed her certification in neuromuscular therapy. She also has advanced training in sports massage, injury assessment and therapy, manual lymphatic massage, and soft tissue release.  She developed a strong personal philosophy of tailoring therapy to meet the needs of the individual.


  • 50 Minutes of Neuromuscular Therapy

  • $80.0050 min.
    • Sessions Available by appointment only

  • 80 Minutes of Neuromuscular Therapy

  • $110.0080 Min.
    • Sessions Available by appointment only

  • 50 Minutes of Accunect Therapy

  • $80.0050 Min.
    • 50 min. hands-on Accunet Therapy

      Sessions Available by appointment only

  • 80 Minutes of Accunect Therapy

  • $110.0080 Min.
    • 80 min. hands-on Accunet Therapy

      Sessions Available by appointment only


732 Thimble Shoals Blvd.

Suite 906

Newport News, Va 23606